P. phoenicurus

(Pictured left: my p. phoenicurus in their ‘casual dress.’) Parosphromenus phoenicurus are a recently described species of licorice gourami characterized by the bright band of red colouration on the male’s dorsal, anal and caudal fins when in breeding dress. While… Read More ›

Welcome to Fairy Potato Aquaria!

Pictured: One (1) of the eponymous fairy potatoes, Jasper, also known as a very naughty boy.

This digital representation of my fish room is (for now!) focused on wild bettas and gouramis, two closely related genera of fish species within the suborder Anabantoidei. In layman’s terms: wild fish species that are able to breathe oxygen directly from the air, thanks to their lung-like labyrinth organ.

I am a life-long enthusiast of nature and all living things, and a relative newcomer to the aquarium hobby. Nevertheless I have packed quite a number of personal accomplishments, mistakes, exciting discoveries, and lessons learned into my first year as an aquarist, and would like to share this knowledge with other hobbyists.

Please visit my blog for updates on my ongoing and future projects, or follow me @fairypotatoaquaria on Instagram.