Links & Resources

Nearly a year on into this hobby, I can’t pretend that I would have had even a tenth of the success I’ve experienced if it weren’t for a few key resources I encountered along the way. It’s so very important to me to give credit where credit is due, and this page is where I hope to do exactly that.

Aquarium Hobbyists & Specialists

Other folks in the hobby who have provided incredible knowledge and information via their social media presences.

Forums & Knowledge Bases

Sites, discussion boards, and databases focused on freshwater aquariums and fish species.

  • Fishlore Site & Forum
    community-maintained resources, lots of active discussion
  • GTA Aquaria
    focused on fishkeeping in the Greater Toronto Area
  • International Betta Congress *
    global non-profit focused on bettas, establishes species standards for breeding and shows

* I’m not a member (yet) but I’m thinking about joining.

  • Seriously Fish
    massive knowledge base about fish species, their water requirements, spawning, etc.
  • The Parosphromenus Project
    global network of hobbyist-conservationists focused on preserving these species in the hobby and in nature

* I’m a member of their forum, but I haven’t made much use of the forum beyond reading it!

Fish & Aquatic Supplies Stores

Shops that have shipped or otherwise sold all sorts of aquarium supplies and livestock to me over the past year. (There will be some category overlap here.)

NOTE: As I’m based in Canada, I’m going to promote as many Canadian-owned shops and stores as I possibly can. I’m only going to include links to non-Canadian shops that have shipped supplies to me.


  • Betta Go
    local online fish store specializing in wild bettas & live food cultures
  • Aquarists Across Canada
    large online fish store based in Vancouver
  • ShrimpFever
    GTA-based shop specializing in all kinds of freshwater shrimp
  • Tails and Scales
    Toronto-based reptile shop that also carries lots of fish, plants, and aquarium supplies

Aquatic Plants

Terrestrial Plants

  • Chive Canada
    local plant shop that also sells draining pots, soil, soil additives, etc.


  • The Wet Leaf
    Alberta-based aquarium supplies shop specializing in rimless aquariums and aquascaping supplies
  • Tannin Aquatics (USA)
    unparalleled selection of botanicals, including packages curated for different stocking needs. also carry bacteria cultures specialized for blackwater aquariums.
  • AngelFins
    Guelph-based aquarium store that carries just about everything, including aquariums, livestock, plants, medications and additive, etc., all at competitive prices.