T. pumila

(Pictured left: one of my sparkling gourami giving me the serious side-eye for trying to take her photo.)

Trichopsis pumila are the smallest species in their (admittedly already quite small) genus, but they are scene-stealers in any aquarium where they occupy space. They are bubble-nesters; the male “sparkler” prefers to build his bubble nest beneath floating plants in a part of the aquarium where there is low water flow. He will diligently guard his fry for several days even after they become free swimming and venture away from their nest.

Water Conditions

Parameter“Best Practice”“What I’m Doing”
Temperature22-28C / 72-82F27C / 81F
Hardness (GH/KH)18-215ppmKH: ~25ppm
GH: ~70ppm
I house my sparkling gourami together with my licorice gourami.