B. uberis

(Pictured: male betta uberis, c/o Seriously Fish.)

Betta uberis are a small, bubble-nesting member of the coccina complex of wild betta species. They are the less-popular and less well-known cousins of b. hendra, b. coccina, and b. persephone, among others. Coccina complex male bettas prefer to build their bubble-nests within small caves or beneath the leaves of larger aquatic plants, and b. uberis is no exception to this rule. (Not speaking from experience currently, as my uberis pair are still juveniles and not comfortable enough in their new home to spawn anyway.)

Water Conditions

(Source: Betta uberis’s entry at Seriously Fish.)

Parameter“Best Practice”What I’m Doing
Temperature22-28C (72-82F)25C/77F
Hardness (GH/KH)18-19ppm¯\_(ツ)_/¯
need to test again
* pH in this tank is stable, and so I am evaluating how best to lower it without shocking the fish.