P. phoenicurus

(Pictured left: my p. phoenicurus in their ‘casual dress.’)

Parosphromenus phoenicurus are a recently described species of licorice gourami characterized by the bright band of red colouration on the male’s dorsal, anal and caudal fins when in breeding dress. While this hasn’t been called out as much in the literature I’ve come across, I will also note that the breeding dress of female p. phoenicurus is also quite beautiful, if not as eye-catching. Female p. phoenicurus become quite pale, with their unpaired fins developing a blush pink colour.

Water Conditions

(Source: P. deissneri’s entry on Seriously Fish. Their requirements are identical.)

Parameter“Best Practice”“What I’m Doing”
Temperature22-28C / 72-82F27C / 81F
Hardness (GH/KH)18-72ppmKH: ~25ppm
GH: ~70ppm*
I keep my paros in distilled water, which is why I am able to keep down KH quite easily, but GH is more difficult.